So, while I've not quite joined Alfie in UK justice oblivion ....

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So, while I've not quite joined Alfie in UK justice oblivion ....

Post by honestbroker1 » Tue Jun 06, 2017 7:06 pm

I am temproarily banned (until later in June).

At least at the moment

Unusually for a banning, I can still read the board. Those banned (at least in my experience) also can't read the board.

This exchange between Davel and Angleo caught my eye.

Re: Gerry and Kate's reaction to sniffer dogs didnt make sense new ninemsn article
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Quote from: davel on Today at 11:58:50 AM
its quite telling how little you understand the alerts....the alerts are strongly suggestive you say...according to whom...grime says suggestive not highly suggestive so you are stating your opinion as fact.

as dispensing with the dogs...another ridiculous statement...the dog like other dogs are used to find evidence...that's their value. If they didn't find evidence then they would be dispensed with
And Angelo replies:
Eddie was trained to find cadaver odour so when he alerts there is every reason to believe that is what he found. His previous successes speak for him.
Some time ago, I was asked to write a blog replying to a claim of the (I gather now late) Steelmagnolia that Grime had grumbled to a journalist that he had been leaned on by an English official (unnamed, but almost certainly Harrison if the claim is true) that he had been required to write in his reports that no evidential reliability could be placed on the reaction of the dogs if no tangilble evidence was recovered to corroborate them.

I could find no evidence to corroborate the claim but two things are true.

At Praia da Luz, Grime's expression of personal opinion that his dog had detected cadaver scent was a disgrace.

At Haut de la Garenne Grime did not express any caveat that no evidential reliance could be placed on the reactions of the dogs, and it was left to the Wiltshire Police force, conducting its own enquiry into that debacle, to establish the point from enquiries it made with the NPIA.

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