Taken from the Official find Madeleine Page

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Taken from the Official find Madeleine Page

Post by Alibongo » Sat Jun 08, 2019 6:05 pm

Ha ha, so funny to play games on a missing child’s page. 😡You play these despicable games, you will be banned.

“Kirsty Beckwith I think everyone here should bombard the page with a ton of messages regarding the dna - would take and age to delete and block lol
Sheila Mellenchip Kirsty Beckwith Yes great idea!”

Edited to add... Yes, I know we should ignore and we usually do. This is but a small sample of what we have to deal with from people on hate pages conspiring to disrupt our page.

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Parent-blaming is all-too-common these days, and usually the point is to make other parents feel better about their own parenting skills

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