The doynes who rule the roost at websleuths ...

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The doynes who rule the roost at websleuths ...

Post by honestbroker1 » Tue May 09, 2023 3:14 pm

Don't quite seem to have grasped that the qeustion of how and why the McCanns were falsely accused of crimes (it seems increasingly likely) of Brueckner against Madeleine is every inch as current and topical as the (separate) question of Brueckner's involvement in Madeleine's disappearance, not least because no one (so far) has been held to account, or even accused, for bringing about those false allegations.

Way, way, back, Andy Redwood alluded to Brueckner without naming him when he said that one line of enquiry was, what he termed, a burlglary gone wrong.

I don't, now, think there can be any doubt that was a referenc to Brueckner.

It ought to be possible to discuss separate strands of a single subject concurrently.

This report is 6 years old: ... d-10338968
1. A burglary gone wrong
Former Operation Grange head DCI Andy Redwood championed a theory that Maddie had been kidnapped by thieves during a bungled burglary at the holiday flat.

There had been a fourfold increase in burglaries from the start of 2007 to the day the three-year-old went missing.

In the three weeks before Maddie's disappearance, windows were used to gain access to apartments in the Ocean Club complex and British detectives believed the toddler may have disturbed an intruder.

But Portugal's Policia Judiciaria made little secret of their dismissal of the theory.

Police believe she may have been taken in a bungled burglary at the Praia Da Luz Ocean Club Resort ( Image: Sunday Mirror)
The burglary theory matched a line of enquiry over heroin addict Euclides Monteiro, a convicted burglar who died in a tractor accident in 2009.

Monteiro used to work as a waiter at the Ocean Club but was sacked for stealing tips a year before Madeleine disappeared.

He was working at a water and sewage plant half a mile away from where Madeleine vanished from the Ocean Club complex at the time of her disappearance.

In 2014, police searched the site behind the water plant with sniffer dogs but the search ultimately proved fruitless.

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Re: The doynes who rule the roost at websleuths ...

Post by scoobydoo » Wed May 24, 2023 2:52 pm

They have to accept the fact that at some point serious questions are going to be asked if some of the local police or even just unsavoury locals knew full well he may have taken Madeleine. His known history, he was already known by Portugal to be a p.a.e.dophile in 2007, should have made him a suspect within hours. I remember a British investigator near the time telling a journalist that whoever did it was likely already on the books so to speak.

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