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For the luminaries on twitter ....

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Here is what Mark Harrison originally recommended, more notable for what's NOT there than what is:

No reference to vehicles besides those of Robert Murat's, humanly inspected before the dog-inspection.

No reference to villa, or gym.

No reference to clothing.
Mark Warner Creche at Praia Da Luz.

This is the location of the last confirmed sighting by a person independent of family members of Madeleine McCann. Although this location was within the original search area it may well benefit from a further search using enhanced detecting methods for human remains. This will depend on the size of any outside grounds and concealed areas inside the building.

McCann's Apartment.

The apartment in which the McCann's had stayed may present further
opportunities to search. The use of a specialist EVRD (Enhanced Victim
Recovery Dog) and CSI dog (human blood detecting dog) could potentially indicate on whether Madeline's blood is in the property or the scent of a dead body is present. In relation to the dead body scent if such a scent is indicated by the EVRD and no body is located it may suggest that a body has been in the property but removed. This search process could be repeated in all the apartments that were occupied by the friends holidaying with the McCann's.
Murat's House and Garden.

The property has been forensically examined to recover any surface trace evidence however the house and gardens may benefit from a fully invasive specialist search to preclude the presence of Madeleine McCann.
A method previously employed on similar cases has been to use the below assets.
Deploy the EVRD to search the house and garden to ensure Madeleine McCann's remains are not present. The dog may also indicate if a body has been stored in the recent past and then moved off the property, though this is not evidential merely intelligence.
Deploy the CSI dog to search the house to locate any human blood.
This will act in support of the forensic examination already completed.
An inhibiting factor will be on areas where Luminol has been used.

Page 2228 :

Deploy geophysical instruments in the house and garden to detect any burial of a body or concealment in voids.

These specialists should be supported by physical search teams exploring and accessing all areas where concealment of a child's body could be made typically 0.5m.

Murat's Vehicles.

All vehicles Murat has had access to have been forensically examined to recover any surface trace evidence however they may all benefit from a full search by the EVRD and CSI dogs. They may be able to detect whether a dead body has been transported in one of the vehicles for intelligence purposes or detect human blood deposits that can be recovered and
examined in a laboratory for Madeleine McCann's blood.

Open Area to East of Praia Da Luz.
.Mark Harrison's retrospective summary of all searches:

From it, I have underlined or emboldened where Mark Harrison has owned Grime and his dogs, those searches he (Mark Harrison) originally recommended: Holiday apartments, vehicles of Robert Murat's only, the Murats' villa and areas around PdL.

Note further that the vehicles of Robert Murat's were subjected to a prior human check before the dog inspections, unlike the Renault Scenic.

There is no reference to the canine searches in: the McCanns' villa, vehicles, besides those owned or driven by Robert Murat, clothing, or the gym, used to re-test clothing once ignored by Eddie in the villa.

The timeline of these searches was as follows:

On 31-07-07 the PJ conducted canine searches with a search warrant at apartments in Praia da Luz that had been previously occupied by the McCanns and their friends.

On 01-08-07 the PJ and GNR assisted by a canine conducted searches on the eastern beach and wasteland in Praia da Luz.

On 02-08-07 the PJ conducted a search warrant at a villa in Praia da Luz currently occupied by the McCann family.

Later the same day PJ officers conducted a screening procedure involving items removed from the McCann’s villa.

On 03-08-07 PJ and GNR officers were given instruction based on translated extracts from NPIA doctrine on search management and procedures. This focused on search procedures relating to buildings and vehicles.

On 04-08-07 and 05-08-07 a search warrant was executed at the villa and gardens belonging to the PJ suspect Robert Murat. This search involved both PJ and GNR personnel supported by civil defence, geophysical equipment operators and a canine handler.

On 06-08-07 ten vehicles were searched associated to the enquiry.

On 07-08-07 the western beach and remaining wasteland areas were searched using canine and GNR personnel.

On 08-08-07 the drains around the apartment block where Madeleine McCann disappeared from were subject to a visual inspection by PJ officers.

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