UK Injustice, at it again ...

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UK Injustice, at it again ...

Post by honestbroker1 » Tue Nov 26, 2019 8:25 pm ... 563336#new

Replying to this comment from Davel about the beating by PJ officers of the beating of Leonor Cipriano, ....
I don't think she did either .I thought she confessed to everything when she was beaten
John, an ex policeman, says this:
Actually she was beaten after being remanded in custody. She was remanded in custody because she admitted killing her daughter.
I can't quite believe that particularly an ex-police-officer doesn't grasp that the timing of a beating of a suspect in police custody is irrelevant.

The fact of a proven beating also proves coercion, which can take many forms besides physical abuse, Tell us what we want to hear, or you know what will happen ...

Leonor is not a well-educated woman, and while such an experience would be terrifying for anyone, I imagine a lack of education would make such an ordeal all the more harrowing.

The fact of proven coercion, in all its forms, physical and non-physical, renders Leonor's conviction unsafe. As well as scandalous.

That her sentence was increased adds to the (warranted) derision of Portuguese "justice", and helps to explain why the McCanns were carefully shepherded by UK Police in 2007.

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Re: UK Injustice, at it again ...

Post by bluj1515 » Thu Dec 26, 2019 1:05 am

Unfortunately, my opinion of what I have to say is more than 50% of police officers is exactly what John here has said above. They believe they are the law. If they believe it it must be true. They truly believe they are doing everyone a favor and care more about punishment than dignity or the rule of law.
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