I think John at UK Justice has got it wrong.

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I think John at UK Justice has got it wrong.

Post by honestbroker1 » Mon Aug 24, 2020 12:29 pm

This is from the archiving dispatch (more in an edit)

In response to vertigo swale:
There isn’t a shred of evidence she was abducted from the street.
John replies:
You are definitely in denial. The tracker dogs fortunately tell a different tale.
Below is what the Portuguese prosecutors had to say about deployment of the Portuguese dogs:
At 08.00 the GNR Search and Rescue sniffer dog team came into action, searches were begun from the resort in the direction of the beach, covering a 2 km area; in Praia da Luz 300m radius searches were made as well searches of abandoned houses, wells and waste land, the radius subsequently being expanded to 600m including the verges of the EN 125 motorway.

Subsequently an attempt was made to reconstruct the route taken by Madeleine by giving the dogs a blanket/towel used by her, but the results were not significant, given that the dogs are more trained for use in rural areas rather than urban or populated areas, the existence of more odours in the air making it impossible for the tracker dog to identify/locate the “target smell”.
The Portuguese dogs were air-scenting, of the type that tracks the generic scent, rather than the individual and unique scent of each human.

It is highly unlikely that the Portuguese sniffer dogs detected Madeleine's scent, sadly.

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