Historical stuff, but with a novel, never before considered, twist ...

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Historical stuff, but with a novel, never before considered, twist ...

Post by honestbroker1 » Sat Apr 23, 2022 11:22 am

Inspection of clothing:

Consider the following

3. A childrens T-Shirt, red, with aeroplane motifs, NEXT, for the age 2-3, length 98 cms.
7. Children's shorts, blue, with red string, NEXT, for age 2-3, length 98 cms
8. Childrens shorts, lycra, blue in colour, with pink, MATERNA, for 2-3 years, length 98 cm
11. Boys shirt, short-sleeved, light blue, with small white markings, NEXT, for 2-3 years, length 98cms.
There are other examples, but that will do to make my point.

All items of clothing too small to have been worn by Madeleine, at least on that holiday, and very obviously worn by/intended for Madeleine's (then, baby) twin siblings.

Why why were they included and sniffed by the dogs?

Did Amaral, maybe, have some tinpot theory that S*** and/or A***** 'saw off'' Big Sis?


ETA: Come to think of it, there would have been no point including clothing of Madeleine's either.

Anything at the apartment after she was abducted would not have been worn by her between her abduction and the inspection.

And since Amaral, if no longer Martin Smith, believes the Smith family saw Gerry carrying Madeleine, then Eddie ought to have picked up some of his clothing, too.

But didn't .....

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