Twitterfools and their 'outing' fails

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Twitterfools and their 'outing' fails

Post by urcrazy » Fri Aug 02, 2013 12:35 pm

This post is by way of an anouncement, so that if the unfortunate ladies concerned ever come looking to see how they got embroiled in something which they were unaware even existed, they will know that we did our best to put the record straight.

Using their amazing sleuthing skills, Syn0nympho and DodgyPaul lighted on two women and decided they were Jayelles and SafariSarah on Twitter. The fact they have completely the wrong ages, locations, employment and other details has not deterred them. They have stolen their Facebook pictures, photoshopped them, accused them of crimes and mocked their looks.

These women have NO IDEA this crap exists.
They will not complain to Twitter about it because neither appear to have accounts and are unaware of what's happening.

So, Sarah Weardon and Jennifer McIver, if you do find what these retarded fools have been up to and want some information on THEM for redress then come to us in confidence. We have that info but do not post it publicly because basically we are a better sort of human being than they are.

We have tried repeatedly to tell them; they won't listen.
Scotland Yard detectives believe Madeleine was abducted in "a criminal act by a stranger"

No Janine you poor deluded muppet, I am NOT John Lowe.
And neither, thankfully, are you.